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Vol 60, No 2 (2013) Evaluation of the Uncertainty Budget for 226Ra Analysis in Water Samples Abstract   PDF
Pınar Esra Erden, Meryem Seferinoglu, Abdullah Dirican, Demet Erçin
Vol 60, No 1 (2013) Expeditious, Four-Component Synthesis of 1,4-Dihydropyrano[2,3-c]Pyrazole Derivatives Catalyzed by Trichloroacetic Acid or Ceric Sulfate Abstract   PDF
Zahed Karimi Jaberi, Mohammad Mehdi Reyazo Shams, Baharak Pooladian
Vol 63, No 2 (2016) Experimental and Computational Study of the Thermodynamic Properties of Trivalent Cobalt Schiff Base Complexes with Cyclic Amines Abstract   PDF
Sheida Esmaielzadeh, Leila Azimian, Zohreh Zare
Vol 62, No 3 (2015) Experimental and DFT study on the compounds [PdCl2L2] (L =4-methylpyrazole, 4-iodopyrazole) Abstract   PDF
Carolina V Barra, Oswaldo Treu Filho, Fillipe Vieira Rocha, Thales R Moura, Adelino V Godoy Netto, Antonio E Mauro, José C Pinheiro, Rogério T Kondo
Vol 60, No 4 (2013) Experimental Design and Response Surface Modelling for Optimization of Vat Dye From Water by Nano Zero Valent Iron (NZVI) Abstract   PDF
Simin Arabi, Mahmoud Reza Sohrabi
Vol 63, No 1 (2016) Experimental Design Approach for Methylene Blue Dye Removal in Aqueous Environment by Nitrilotriacetic Modified Banana Pith Abstract   PDF
Shi Ling Lee, Shu Wei Liew, Siew Teng Ong
Vol 60, No 4 (2013) Extraction and DFT Study on the Complexation of Zn2+ with Beauvericin Abstract   PDF
Emanuel Makrlík, Petr Toman, Petr Vanŭra
Vol 61, No 4 (2014) Facile preparation of graphene by high-temperature electrolysis and its application in supercapacitor Abstract   PDF
Chenxu Jiao, Bao-Yan Xing, Jian-Guo Zhao, Yu Geng, Zuo-Peng Li
Vol 62, No 1 (2015) Fast Determination of Diesel Fuel Oxidation Stability by 1H NMR Spectroscopy Abstract   PDF
Jelena Parlov Vuković, Predrag Novak, Vlasta Srića
Vol 63, No 3 (2016) Fe3O4@SiO2-NH2 nanocomposite as a robust and effective catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of polysubstituted dihydropyridines Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ali Ghasemzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Abdollahi-Basir
Vol 61, No 4 (2014) Feasibility of clinoptilolite application as a microporous carrier for pH-controlled oral delivery of aspirin Abstract   PDF
Mahdi Tondar, Mohammad Javad Parsa, Yaser Yousefpour, Ali Mohammad Sharifi, Seyed Vahid Shetab-Boushehri
Vol 64, No 2 (2017) First Direct Isolation of Stable α-Form Crystals of Mirabegron, a Selective β3–Adrenoceptor Agonist Abstract   PDF
Vijayavitthal T. Mathad, Dattatray G. Deshmukh, Mukund N. Bangal, Anil C. Mali, Vijay J. Medhane
Vol 60, No 3 (2013) First N-allyl-aminothiadiazole Copper(I) π-Complexes: Synthesis and Structural Peculiarities of [Cu(L)CF3SO3] and [Cu2(L)2(H2O)2](SiF6) • 2.5H2O Compounds... Abstract   PDF
Bogdan Ardan, Yuriy Slyvka, Evgeny Goreshnik, Marian Mys’kiv
Vol 60, No 2 (2013) First-Order Derivative UV Spectrophotometric Method for Simultaneous Measurement of Delapril and Manidipine in Tablets Abstract   PDF
Vitor Todeschini, Amanda Thomas Barden, Leticia Lenz Sfair, Maximiliano da Silva Sangoi, Nadia Maria Volpato
Vol 60, No 3 (2013) Fluorination of Mixed γ-alumina/γ-gallia Xerogels with Trifluoromethane: Some Effects on Bulk and Surface Characteristics Abstract   PDF
Andrii Vakulka, Janez Kovač, Gašper Tavčar, Tomaž Skapin
Vol 61, No 3 (2014) Foil-based TiO2/gel electrolyte/Ni1-xO electrochromic device made of electrochromic pigment coatings Abstract   PDF
Mohor Mihelčič, Angela Šurca Vuk, Dejan Vrhovšek, Franc Švegl, Metka Hajzeri, Boris Orel
Vol 64, No 1 (2017) Forward Osmosis in Wastewater Treatment Processes Abstract   PDF
Jasmina Korenak, Subhankar Basu, Malini Balakrishnan, Claus Hélix-Nielsen, Irena Petrinic
Vol 62, No 2 (2015) Functionalization of epoxy esters with alcohols as stoichiometric reagents Abstract   PDF
Dona Pavlović, Barbara Modec, Darko Dolenc
Vol 64, No 2 (2017) Functionalization of graphene oxide with 9-aminoanthracene for the adsorptive removal of persistent aromatic pollutants from aqueous solution Abstract   PDF
Ali Balati, Mohammad Ghanbari, Sara Karimi Behzad, Mostafa M Amini
Vol 61, No 4 (2014) Fused 1,5-benzothiazepines from o-aminothiophenol and its derivatives as versatile synthons Abstract   PDF
Batchu Chandra Sekhar
Vol 61, No 3 (2014) Gel-Sol Synthesis of Rutile Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Dejan Verhovšek, Maja Lešnik, Nika Veronovski, Zoran Samardžija, Kristina Žagar, Miran Čeh
Vol 60, No 1 (2013) Generation of a Structurally Diverse Library through Alkylation and Ring Closure Reactions Using 3-Dimethylamino-1-(thiophen-2-yl)propan-1-one Hydrochloride Abstract   PDF
Gheorghe Roman
Vol 63, No 1 (2016) Granular Matter Transport in Vertical Pipes: The Influence of Pipe Outlet Conditions on Gravity-driven Granular Flow Abstract   PDF
Miha Jaklič, Klemen Kočevar, Stanko Srčič, Rok Dreu
Vol 64, No 1 (2017) Green Biosynthesis of Spherical Silver Nanoparticles by Using Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) Fruit Extract and Study of Their Antibacterial and Catalytic Activities Abstract   PDF
Saeed Farhadi, Bahram Ajerloo, Abdelnassar Mohammadi
Vol 60, No 3 (2013) Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Nelumbo nucifera Seed Extract and its Antibacterial Activity Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Thi Mai Tho, Tran Nguyen Minh An, Mai Dinh Tri, Thupakula Venkata Madhukar Sreekanth, Jae-Soon Lee, Patnamsetty Chidanandha Nagajyothi, Kap Duk Lee
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