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Solid State Mechanochemical Processes for Better Electroceramics

Mamoru Senna


The present short overview focuses on the renovation of solid state processes toward phase pure and well-crystallized complex oxides centered on the electroceramic materials. Elevation of the reactivity and preservation of stoichiometry of the starting mixture or precursor are of universal importance. Mechanical activation, being considered as versatile, may also need reconsideration in view of contamination and process rationalization. After briefly reviewing mecha- nochemical processes for direct synthesis of complex oxides, solid state processes toward well crystallized fine partic- les of complex oxides are discussed by starting from mechanochemically derived precursors with subsequent optimized calcination. Case studies were cited from literatures for complex oxides, including author’s own experimental studies mainly with BaBi2Ta2O9 (BBT), Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 (BMT) and KNbO3 (KN). The substances discussed are mostly asso- ciated with ferroelectric materials, with a few exceptions of iron-containing magnetic materials.


Electroceramics; Precursor; Solid-state reaction; Mechanochemistry; Complex oxide

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