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C6F5XeY Molecules (Y = F and Cl): New Synthetic Approaches. First Structural Proof of the Organoxenon Halide Molecule C6F5XeF

Vural Bilir, Hermann-Josef Frohn


The arylxenonium salt [C6F5Xe][BF4] reacts with different sources of nucleophiles, Y (naked fluoride, [N(CH3)4]F, the silanes, (CH3)3SiCl and (C2H5)3SiH, and the cadmiumorganyl, Cd(C6F5)2), in coordinating solvents (C2H5CN, CH3CN, CD3CN). While the products C6F5XeF, C6F5XeCl, and (C6F5)2Xe are well defined molecules, in reactions with (C2H5)3SiH only decomposition products presumably derived from <C6F5XeH> and <C6F5XeC2H5> are found. Molecular parameters and intermolecular contacts in the single crystal X-ray structure of C6F5XeF are discussed.


Arylxenonium tetrafluoroborate, organylxenon molecules, reactions with nucleophiles in coordinating solvents, pentafluorophenylxenon fluoride crystal structure

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