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An Overview of the Understanding of Ions Containing Solely Fluorine Atoms

Maja Ponikvar-Svet, Kathleen F. Edwards, Joel F. Liebman


We discuss in the current paper ions containing solely fluorine atoms, F–, F2– and F3–, their corresponding cationic and/or multiply charged counterparts. While the emphasis of the paper is on gas phase species, their energetics and reactions, aqueous solutions are also discussed. In particular, biomedical and analytical aspects of F– are also considered.The new trichotomy of convenience, anthropocentrism and folksonomy is also applied to the understanding of our fluorine-containing ions.


Ions, both anions and cations / ionization potential (ionization energy) and electron affinity / energetics and reactions / gas phase and aqueous solutions / anomalous properties / biomedical and analytical aspects / per and π-fluoro effects /...

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