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CuI nanoparticles as a remarkable catalyst in the synthesis of benzo[b][1,5]diazepines: an eco-friendly approach

Mohammad Ali Ghasemzadeh, Javad Safaei-Ghomi


Highly efficient CuI nanoparticles catalyzed one-pot synthesis of some benzo[b][1,5]diazepine derivatives via multi-component condensation of aromatic diamines, Meldrum’s acid and isocyanides. The present approach creates a variety of benzo[b][1,5]diazepines as pharmaceutical and biologically active heterocyclic compounds in excellent yields and short reaction times. The salient features of the copper iodide nanoparticles are: easy preparation, cost-effective, high stability, low loading and reusability of the catalyst. The prepared copper iodide nanoparticles were fully characterized by XRD, EDX, FT-IR, SEM and TEM analysis.


Benzo[b][1,5]diazepine; nanoparticles; CuI; multi-component; heterocyclic compounds

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