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A Facile Synthesis of Bioactive Five- and Six-membered N-heterocyclic Aromatic Compounds Using AlCoFe2O4 as a Green Catalyst

Fatemeh Mostaghni, Homa Shafiekhani, Nosrat Madadi Mahani


Nitrogen-containing heterocycles have been extensively studied due to their broad biological and pharmaceutical applications. In this study, we synthesized five- and six-membered nitrogen-containing rings through one-pot multicomponent reaction using an aluminium-doped cobalt ferrite nano-catalyst. The nano-catalyst was prepared by the co-precipitation method from the corresponding metal salts. The obtained results show that the proposed catalyst has a high efficiency and has enabled the formation of the desired products with high efficiency and purity. In addition, simplicity of operation, facile purification of products, shorter reaction times, mild reaction conditions, easy separation and recyclability of the catalyst, are the main advantages of this catalyst.


Green catalyst; Magnetic nano-catalyst; N-heterocyclic aromatic compounds; One-pot multicomponents reactions

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