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Quantification of Hydroperoxides by Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionisation Detection

Damjan Jan Pavlica, Črtomir Podlipnik, Matevž Pompe


Hydroperoxides are of great importance in the fields of atmospheric and biological chemistry. However, there are several analytical challenges in their analysis: unknown and usually low UV absorption coefficients, high reactivity, thermal instability, and a lack of available reference standards. To overcome these limitations, we propose a GC-FID approach involving pre-column silylation and quantification via the effective carbon number approach. Four hydroperoxides of α-pinene were synthesized in the liquid phase with singlet oxygen and identified using literature data on isomer yield distribution, MS spectra, estimated boiling temperatures of each isomer (retention time), their thermal stability and derivatisation rate. The developed procedure was used for the determination of hydroperoxides in bottled and autooxidised turpentine. We anticipate that this method could also be applied in atmospheric chemistry, where the reactivity of singlet oxygen could help explain the high formation rates of secondary organic aerosols.


Hydroperoxides; α-pinene; photooxidation; singlet oxygen; gas chromatography

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