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Optimization of Extraction Conditions of Bioactive Compounds by Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction from Artichoke Wastes

Izzet Turker, Hilal Isleroglu


In this study, bioactive compounds were extracted by ultrasonic-assisted extraction and classical extraction processes using distilled water as solvent from artichoke leaves which are considered as agricultural wastes. Antioxidant capacity, total phenolic and total flavonoid content values of the obtained bioactive extracts were determined, and extraction yields and times were evaluated to compare the extraction processes. Also, the optimum extraction conditions of ultrasonic-assisted extraction (extraction time and ultrasonic power) which provide the highest extraction yield were determined using D-optimal design by ‘desirability’ function approach. According to the results, bioactive extracts having high antioxidant capacity were obtained at shorter times and higher extraction yields by ultrasonic-assisted extraction process than classical extraction. The highest extraction yield was estimated as 98.46% with an application of 20.05 minutes of extraction time and 65.02% of ultrasonic amplitude for the ultrasonic-assisted extraction process.  


Bioactive compounds; ultrasonic-assisted extraction; extraction yield; artichoke; optimization

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