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Application of Silica Supported Calix[4]arene Derivative as Anti-reversion Agent in Tire Tread Formulation

Hediye Mohamadi, Fereshteh Motiee, Saeed Taghvaei-Ganjali, Mandana Saber-Tehrani


In this research the influence of the silica supported calix[4]arene derivative (SS-Calix) on the reversion resistance, mechanical properties and thermal behavior of NR/BR tire tread formulation was investigated by the oscillating disc rheometer, FTIR, TGA and tensile testing. The results revealed that the reversion behavior of NR/BR vulcanizate is affected by SS-Calix. The data obtained from curing characteristics and thermal stability of test pieces indicate that, SS-Calix acts as an anti-reversion for rubbery materials that are exposed to thermal shock in the early stages of temperature rise. It's predicted that these results are due to the interaction between the OH groups present in the SS-Calix surface and the carbon of the polymer chains. The broad peak observed in the IR spectrum around 1824 cm−1 which is referred to C=O bond, confirms this prediction. In addition, the presence of SS-Calix in compound causes to increase modulus and hardness but reduce elongation and resilience.


Mechanical properties; rubber; thermal properties; tire tread formulation; silica supported calix[4]arene; perkalink900

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