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Identification of Phytochemicals from the Water Extract of Eurycoma longifolia Roots using Solid-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Extraction Based Fractionation Techniques

Lee Suan Chua, Abirame Segaran, Hoi Jin Wong


Phytochemicals in the water extract of Eurycoma longofolia roots were identified using both solid-liquid and liquid-liquid extraction based fractionation techniques. A reversed phase C18 solid phase extraction (SPE) was used as solid-liquid extraction, whereas solvent partition was applied as liquid-liquid extraction. Total saponin was increased after fractionation. A few known quassinoids; eurycomanone, 13a(21)-epoxyeurycomanone, pasakbumin D, 13β,18-dihydroeurycomanol and 13β,21-dihydroxyeurycomanol were identified from the 40% and 60% methanol fractions of SPE. Solvent partition extract using ethyl acetate was found to have the highest saponin content compared to butanol and chloroform fractions. Subsequent acetone precipitation of the organic fractions recovered a formylated hexose trimer and other saccharide-containing compounds. Ethyl acetate effectively recovered saponins from E. longofolia water extract using liquid-liquid extraction followed by acetone precipitation.


Eurycomanone; Eurycoma longifolia; quassinoids; solid phase extraction; solvent partition; saponins

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