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Richard Klemen, the First Lecturer of Enzymology at the University of Ljubljana

Marko Dolinar


Richard Klemen was the first teacher of enzymology at the University of Ljubljana. His early career in Ljubljana ended in January 1942 when he moved to Vienna, Austria. During the war he conducted experiments that led him to describe the so-called Hofmann-Klemen effect in clay. Later he was a research assistant and titular associate professor in the field of biochemical technology at the Vienna Technical University and finally a lecturer at the University of Natural Resources in Vienna. His life is an interesting example of a scientist and educator whose Gottscheer German origin would probably prevent him from continuing his career in post-war Yugoslavia. At the same time, he did not achieve in Austria the positions and status that his former colleagues and students had achieved in Slovenia. Although he was almost forgotten,
he remains important as the first trained enzymologist and teacher of enzymology in Slovenia. This article also presents his full bibliography.


Enzymology education; University of Ljubljana; biochemistry

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