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6-Bromo-2'-(2-chlorobenzylidene)nicotinohydrazide and 6-Bromo-2'-(3-bromo-5-chloro-2-hydroxybenzylidene)nicotinohydrazide Methanol Solvate: Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Activities

Hai-Yun Zhu


Two newly synthesized nicotinohydrazones, 6-bromo-2'-(2-chlorobenzylidene)nicotinohydrazide (1) and 6-bromo-2'-(3-bromo-5-chloro-2-hydroxybenzylidene)nicotinohydrazide methanol solvate (2), have been obtained and structurally characterized by spectroscopic method and single crystal X-ray determination. The molecules in both compounds are in E configuration regarding to the azomethine groups. The molecules of compound 1 are linked via hydrogen bonds of N−H∙∙∙O, generating one dimensional chains running along the c-axis direction. The hydrazone molecules of compound 2 are linked by methanol molecules via hydrogen bonds of N−H∙∙∙O and O−H∙∙∙N, generating dimers. The in vitro antimicrobial activities of these compounds indicate that they are interesting antibacterial agents.


Hydrazone; Synthesis; Hydrogen bonding; X-Ray crystal structure; Antimicrobial activity

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