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Exergy Analysis of a Turbo Expander: Modeling and Simulation

Adel El-Husseiny, Rania Farouq, Hassan Farag, Yehia El Taweel


Natural gas is a mixture that is widely used in the industries. Knowledge of its thermodynamic properties is essential for evaluating the process and equipment performance.

This paper quantifies the energy that can be extracted from natural gas using a turbo expander. Natural gases of wide-ranging compositions collected from 6 different gas fields in Egypt were investigated based on energy and exergy analysis. The study was conducted using MATLAB. Numerous simulation runs were made by taking various typical feed compositions classified as lean and rich.

The effects of increasing the amount of C1, C5 in the feed stream on the efficiency of energy utilization are presented. A validation analysis was performed. The results show similar trends and good agreements. It was concluded from the results that when the concentration of methane in the gas mixture increase, the exergetic efficiency decreases. The results also show that the values of thermodynamic properties depend on the relative amount of heavy components in the feed stream.


Exergy efficiency; turbo-expander; Peng Robinson; Feed composition effect; Natural gas

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