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A 3D Coordination Polymer of Sm(III) Using Inorganic Sulphate and Organic Succinate Building Blocks

Subal Chandra Manna, Soumen Mistri, Ennio Zangrando


A lanthanide coordination polymeric network, [Sm2(suc)2(SO4)(H2O)2]n (1) (suc = succinate dianion), incorporating both organic succinate and inorganic sulphate building blocks, has been synthesized and characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The complex displays a 3D architecture with two crystallographic independent samarium(III) ions having a distorted capped square antiprismastic geometry with O9 donor set realized by six oxygen atoms from succinate, two from symmetry related sulphate anions and one from an aqua ligand.


Coordination polymer, Hydrothermal synthesis, Samarium(III), Succinate, Sulphate

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