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Differential Pulse Anodic Voltammetric Determination of Chlorzoxazone in Pharmaceutical Formulation using Carbon Paste Electrode

Sayed I. M Zayed, Yousry M Issa


The electrochemical behavior of chlorzoxazone at the carbon paste electrode was investigated in 0.04 mol/L Britton-Robinson buffer pH 6.50 using cyclic and differential pulse voltammetric techniques. Cyclic voltammetric studies indicated that the oxidation of the drug was irreversible and controlled mainly by diffusion. Experimental and instrumental parameters were optimized (50 mV/s scan rate, 50 mV pulse amplitude, and 0.04 mol/L Britton-Robinson (BR) buffer pH 6.50 as a supporting electrolyte) and a sensitive differential pulse anodic voltammetric method has been developed for the determination of the drug over the concentration range 0.17-1.68 µg/mL chlorzoxazone, with detection and quantitation limits of 0.05 and 0.16 µg/mL, respectively. The proposed voltammetric method was successfully applied to the determination of the drug in its pharmaceutical formulation (Myoflex tablets), and in spiked human urine samples.


Chlorzoxazone; Carbon paste electrodes; Differential pulse anodic voltammetry Pharmaceutical dosage form; Human urine samples.

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