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New Approached for the Synthesis and Ctytotoxicity of Thiazoles Derived from Cyclohexanone

Nermeen Gomaa, Ebtsam Ahmed


The aim of this work was to synthesis a new class of substituted thiazole derivatives which showed promising anticancer activity. The reaction of cyclohexanone with phenylisothiocyanate gave the thiazole derivatives 6a-c with  good yield. The latter compounds reacted with benzendiazonium chloride to form corresponding 5-phenylazothiazole derivatives 8a and 8b, respectively. Moreover, the reaction of thiazole derivatives 6a-c with each of elemental sulfur and either of malononitrile or ethyl cyanoacetate gave the thiophene derivatives 10a-e, respectively. Compounds 10a-e were subjected to a series of heterocylclization reactions to give heterocyclic derivatives. Their cytotoxicity against the four human tumor cells lines was measured and showed promising anticancer activity.           


cyclohexanone; thiophene; thiazole; phenylazo

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