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Anthracene Derivative Covalently Immobilized on Sensing Membrane as a Fluorescent Carrier for Water Assay

Chen-Xu Jiao, Yuan-Yuan Han, Bao-Yan Xing


This article describes an optical chemical sensor based on a fluorescent dye 1-allyloxy-4-hydroxyanthracene-9, 10-dione (AHD) with terminal double bond, which is covalently bonded to quartz glass plate surface treated with a silanizing agent to prevent its leakage. The purpose of this work was to characterize and optimize the sensor for determining the water content in the acetone organic solvent. The sensor is resistant to swelling; the membrane possesses relatively long lifetime, short response and recovering time. The reversibility and reproducibility of the sensor are adequate for practical measurements.


Fluorescent sensor, Water content, 1-allyloxy-4-hydroxyanthracene-9, 10-dione

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