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Cobaltosic Oxide Catalysts for Catalytically Removing Hydrogen from Tail Chlorine

Tong Zhang, Ling Xue, Jianwei Xue, Fuxiang Li, Zhiping Lv


Cobaltosic oxide has been used as catalysts in dehydrogenation for tail chlorine due to the advantages of low price and security. The Co3O4/ZSM-5 was synthesized by the volume impregnation method. The catalytic dehydrogenation performance of Co3O4/ZSM-5 was investigated, the catalytic reaction of hydrogen with oxygen and chlorine was carried out in a fixed-bed, and the mixed reactant gases were prepared according to the composition and content of tail chlorine in industry: Cl2(65%-80%), N2(6-16%), O2(8%-10%) and H2(1.5%-4%). The catalytic efficiency and stability of Co3O4/ZSM-5 in dehydrogenation for tail chlorine were better than that of Co3O4. After the calcination on 300°C, the Co3O4/ZSM-5 with 1 %wt. Co3O4 shown excellent catalytic performance at 50°C, and the average conversion of hydrogen can reach up to 99.59%.


Cobaltosic oxide; Co3O4/ZSM-5; tail chlorine; dehydrogenation

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