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Effective Adsorption of Doxorubicin Hydrochloride on Green Magnetic / Graphene Oxide / Chitosan / Allium Sativum / Quercus / NanoComposite

Omid Arjmand, Mehdi Ardjmand, Ali Mohammad Amani, Mohmmad Hasan Eikani


In this study the adsorption properties of the doxorubicin anticancer drug on the designed and fabricated system is investigated. A novel nanocomposite based on green magnetic Graphene Oxide Chitosan Allium Sativum- Quercus was successfully fabricated. To evaluate of the doxorubicin adsorption the effectiveness parameters on the adsorption process containing the contact time, pH value, concentration, the adsorbent dosage, and temperature were investigated. The results indicated that the adsorption maximum of doxorubicin on the fabricated nanocomposite was at pH 6.3, concentration 3.6 mg/1.8 ml, the contact time 10 minutes and the adsorbent dosage 1.4 g/L. This designed system not only has increased the drug adsorption up to 100%, but it also could absorb the further concentrations of doxorubicin, indicating that the current challenge at using the higher concentrations of doxorubicin due to the used excellent components at the nanocomposite structure could be essentially minimized. Therefore the fabricated nanocomposite with having natural components and the superior properties improves the doxorubicin adsorption.


Adsorption; Doxorubicin; Nanocomposite; Natural Component; Functional Groups

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