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Encapsulation of Dirhenium(III) Carboxylates into Zirconium Phosphate

Anastasiia Slіpkan, Nataliia Shtemenko, Dina Kytova, Alexander Shtemenko


Present work reports the synthesis of zirconium phosphate nanoparticles containing dirhenium(III) substance bis-dimethylsulfoxide-cis-tetrachlorodi-μ-pivalatodirhenium(III) with formula cis-Re2(C(CH3)3COO)2Cl4∙2DMSO (I) and q-zirconium phosphate with formula q-Zr(HPO4)2∙6H2O (ZrP). The intercalation process was monitored by EAS. Due to the spectral characteristics of the quadruple bond the conclusion was made that the obtained intercalated compounds had cis-configuration of ligands around cluster dirhenium fragment. The proposed mechanism of intercalation includes the substitution of the axial ligands of I by phosphate groups of ZrP first on the surface of ZrP, than in the inner layers. Two received products of the intercalation were characterized by SEM, XRPD, FT-IR, TGA analysis witnessing about successful intercalation process. The formation of new phases with interlayer distances of 10.53 – 16.6 Å was found, the average size of obtained platelets was 100-200 nm.


Dirhenium(III) carboxylates; zirconium phosphate; nanoparticles; intercalation

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