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The Design, Synthesis, and Antioxidant Activity of Amphiphilic Oximes and Amidoximes

Mirjam Gosenca, Janez Mravljak, Mirjana Gašperlin, Aleš Obreza


New amphiphilic benzamidoxime, benzoxime, and aliphatic oxime derivatives of glycolipid mimetics were synthesized. The total antioxidant capacity of these amphiphilic derivatives was evaluated using DPPH assay. The observed antioxidant activity was the highest for benzamidoxime derivatives and glycolipid mimetics with two oxime functionalities, followed by benzoxime derivatives, glycolipid mimetics with one oxime group, and dimers of oxime. Due to their amphiphilic structure, which was a guidance for compound design and synthesis, these novel amphiphilic compounds can be proposed as potential antioxidants for tackling oxidative processes in two-phase systems, either biological (cell membranes) or artificial (emulsions).


Amphiphilic molecules, amidoximes, oximes, glycolipid mimetics, antioxidant activity.

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