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Dynamics of Isomerization of Hop Alpha-Acids and Transition of Hop Essential Oil Components in Beer

Miha Ocvirk, Iztok Jože Košir


Hops’ unique composition of essential oil components and bitter resins are crucial for beer aroma, which is important to consumers’ acceptance of beer. In this experiment the same wort was divided into four portions and each was hopped differently. To determine the dynamics of isomerization rates the concentrations of alpha- and iso-alpha-acids were continuously measured. Measurements of hop essential oil components were performed during each process to understand the dynamics of the transition into beer. The maximum isomerization yield of alpha-acids (18.1%) was achieved after 100 min. Longer boiling increased the reduction of iso-alpha-acids, as well as essential oil components. Dry hopping also affected not only on beer aroma but also on beer bitterness.


Beer; hop; aroma; isomerization; hop essential oil

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