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Amperometric Biosensors for Glucose and Lactate with Applications in Food Analysis: A Brief Review

Totka Dodevska, Yanna Lazarova, Ivan Shterev


Over the past two decades, electrochemical biosensor devices have received great attention in the field of food analysis owing to their attractive performances. In the food industry the quality control during manufacturing process and final products requires quick and reliable analytical methods. A promising alternative to the traditional analytical techniques are the electrochemical enzymatic biosensors – devices that combine the robustness of electrochemical techniques with the specificity of biological recognition processes and offer great advantages due to size, cost, sensitivity, selectivity, and fast response. This brief review has attempted to summarise the literature on the recent progress in the development of enzyme biosensors with amperometric detection for quantitative analysis of glucose and lactate in various food samples. The review concludes with an outlook on the future challenges and perspectives in this area.


Biosensors; Glucose; Lactate; Food analysis

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