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Investigation of Photochemical Reactions of some Metal Carbonyls with N´-(2-Hydroxy-6-Methylbenzylidene)Methanesulfonohydrazide and 5-Methyl-2-Hydroxyacetophenonemethanesulfonylhydrazone

Sema Sert


Eight new complexes, [M(CO)5(5msalmsh)] [M=Cr;(1a), Mo;(2a); W(3a)], [Re(CO)4Br(5msalmsh)] (4a),  [M(CO)5(5mafmsh)] [M=Cr;(1b), Mo;(2b); W(3b)], [Re(CO)4Br(5mafmsh)] (4b), have been synthesized by the photochemical reaction of the metal carbonyls [M(CO)6] (M=Cr, Mo, W) and [Re(CO)5Br] with N´-(2-Hydroxy-6-Methylbenzylidene)Methanesulfonohydrazide (5msalmsh) and 5-methyl-2-hydroxyacetophenonemethanesulfonylhydrazone (5mafmsh). The complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, LC-MS, FT-IR, 1H NMR spectroscopy. Spectroscopic studies show that  5msalmsh and 5mafmsh behave monodentate ligand and coordinate via an imine N donor atom to the central metal atom in (1a)–(4a) and (1b)–(4b).


Hydrazones; monodentate ligands; metal carbonyls; photochemical reactions.

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