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Interactions between Ibuprofen and Silicified-MCC: Characterization, Drug Release and Modeling Approaches

Rudra Narayan Sahoo, Ashirbad Nanda, Arunima Pramanik, Souvik Nandi, Rakesh Swain, Sukanta Kumar Pradhan, Subrata Mallick


Analysis of the binding interactions of ibuprofen and silicified-microcrystalline cellulose (SMCC) has been undertaken. Co-processing of ibuprofen with SMCC was carried out by solid state ball milling, and aqueous state equilibration followed by freeze drying to investigate the effect of silicified-microcrystalline cellulose on ligand. Molecular docking study revealed that ibuprofen formed complex through hydrogen bond with microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and silicon dioxide (SiO2); the binding energy between MCC and SiO2, and ibuprofen and SMCC were found as -1.11 and -1.73 kcal/mol respectively. The hydrogen bond lengths were varying from 2.028 to 2.056 Å. Interaction of Si atom of SMCC molecule with Pi-Orbital of ibuprofen has shown the bond length of 4.263 Å. Significant improvement in dissolution of ibuprofen has been observed as a result of interaction. Binary and ternary interactions revealed more stabilizing interactions with ibuprofen and SMCC compared to SMCC formation.


Co-processing; silicified microcrystalline cellulose; Docking analysis; Binary interaction; Ternary interaction.

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