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Phase Equilibria in The MnGa2Tе4-MnIn2Tе4 System, Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of MnGaInTе4

Faig Мamedagha Mammadov, Imameddin Rajabali Amiraslanov, Yegana Rasul Aliyeva, Sadiyar Sultan Ragimov, Leyla Farkhad Mashadiyeva, Mahammad Baba Babanly


The phase equilibria in the MnGa24-MnIn24 system were experimentally investigated by means of differential thermal analysis and powder X-ray diffraction technique. It was found that this system is quasi-binary and characterized by dystectic and eutectic equilibria and the formation of a wide area of solid solutions based on the starting compounds. The crystal structures of the MnGaInTe4 and MnIn24 were refined by the Rietveld method using powder X-ray diffraction data. It was established, that both phases crystallize in the tetragonal system (Space group I-42m). Electron paramagnetic resonance and Raman spectra, as well as the temperature dependences of the electrical conductivity and the Hall effect for the MnGaInTe4 crystal, were studied.


MnGa2Tе4-MnIn2Tе4 system; phase diagram; MnGaInTe4 crystal structure; Rietveld method; Raman spectroscopy

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