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My Times with Professor Igor Kregar and some Hydrolytic Enzymes

Karl J. Kramer


The late Professor Igor Kregar and this author had several overlapping biochemical research interests. One focus was the glycoside hydrolase, lysozyme, and the other was proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors, in particular those present in tissues from insects and plants. Regarding lysozyme our results helped to understand its catalytic mechanism and the carboxylic acid functional groups involved. Another area was insect-plant interactions involving defensive responses of plants to insect feeding via proteolytic enzyme inhibitors. Those results can be utilized in transgenic plant and seed biotechnological applications, which would help to reduce damage to plants and seeds caused by coleopteran and other insect pests. Also described are some cultural and travel interactions that the author benefited from his friendship with Professor Kregar.


Lysozyme; catalysis; mechanism; proteases; inhibitors; beetles; potato; resistance

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