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Factors Influencing Imazapyr Herbicide Removal from Wastewater Using Photocatalytic Ozonation

Salma Bougarrani, Laila El Azzouzi, Soukaina Akel, Lahbib Latrach, Asmae Bouziani, Mohammed El Azzouzi


This study investigates the degradation of imazapyr herbicide from wastewater by photocatalytic ozonation using TiO2 as a semiconductor. Effects of operational parameters on imazapyr removal efficiency including TiO2 dosing, initial herbicide concentration and pH were also studied. Obtained results showed that more than 90% of removal efficiency representing the disappearance of imazapyr was maintained until 7 µM in the presence of 200 mgL-1of UV100-TiO2. Otherwise, the degradation of imazapyr followed the first-order kinetics with a photocatalytic rate constant of 0.247 min-1, and complete degradation was achieved within 20 min using photocatalytic ozonation for 5µM of Imazapyr at pH 7.


Degradation; Imazapyr herbicide; Ozonation; Photocatalytic Ozonation;Wastewater treatment

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