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Solvothermal synthesis and photocatalytic activity of BiOBr Microspheres with Hierarchical Morphologies

Adriana C. Mera, Carlos Anibal Rodríguez, Héctor Valdés, Andres Felipe Jaramillo, David Rojas, Manuel F. Melendrez


BiOBr microspheres with hierarchical morphologies (BiOBr-MicSphe) has potential application in heterogeneous photocatalysis for decontamination of water and air. For this reason, the synthesis, characterization an evaluation of photocatalytic activity of these materials become important. In this article, BiOBr-MicSphe were synthesized using different ranges of reaction temperature (120-200 ºC) and reaction time (12 h - 24 h). Samples grown at 145 °C and 18 h showed the higher photocatalytic activity on gallic acid degradation. Morphological properties, chemical composition and structural analysis revealed that sample with higher photocatalytic activity exhibited a microspherical morphology with pure BiOBr tetragonal phase. Besides, adsorption-desorption analysis showed a smaller pore diameter for sample grown at 145 °C and 18 hrs. The results showed that the reaction temperature has a strong influence on the different properties of the material, affecting the photocatalytic activity.


BiOBr MicSphe; solvothermal; properties; photocatalytic activity

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