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The Accuracy of Macro–Submicro–Symbolic Language of Future Chemistry Teachers

Dušica D Rodić, Tamara N Rončević, Mirjana D Segedinac


The present study is focused on the examination of language accuracy of future chemistry teachers in the macro–submicro–symbolic domain. Since the knowledge at the submicroscopic level is crucial for the understanding of chemical concepts and ideas, the aim of this study was to examine the accuracy of the language of future chemistry teachers while delivering chemical contents at this level. Within this objective, it was examined whether future chemistry teachers make a distinction between submicroscopic and macroscopic levels, as well as between submicroscopic and symbolic levels in their speech. Using qualitative methods of analysis, it was found that the majority of surveyed future chemistry teachers did not have the expected and necessary language accuracy within the examined domain. Most worrying were the attitudes of future chemistry teachers, who perceived the accurate expressions in the macro–submicro–symbolic domain as a redundant complication rather than a necessity.


Future chemistry teachers; Language accuracy; Micro-submicro-symbolic language

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