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The Self-Evaluation of Slovenian Prospective Chemistry Teachers’ Progress During Their Practical Pedagogical Training in Primary Schools

Katarina Senta Wissiak Grm, Vesna Ferk Savec


The present research deals with the self-evaluation of prospective chemistry teachers’ progress during their practical pedagogical training (PPT) in primary schools.

The sample consisted of 42 students from the 3rd and 4th years of the undergraduate programmes “Chemistry and Biology” or “Chemistry and Physics” at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana. For the purpose of the investigation, the students completed questionnaires after each day of their practical pedagogical training, and at the end the entire training wrote reflective essays about their most significant experiences.

Analysis of the results reveals that the students believe that practical pedagogical training makes a crucial contribution to their practical pedagogical education in the light of their future profession. The students also reported on their progress concerning the various skills that were developed.


chemistry teacher education; practical pedagogical training; prospective chemistry teachers; teacher training; teachers’ efficacy

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