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Theoretical Study of Ability of Boron Nitride Nanocone to Oxidation of Sulfur Monoxide

Xuewu Zuo, Kourosh Behradfar, Jia-Bao Liu, Milad Janghorban Lariche, Meysam Najafi


In recent years, the discovery of suitable catalyst to oxidation of sulfur monoxide (SO) in normal temperature is a major concern in the industry. In this study, in first step; the boron nitride nanocone (BNNC) with Ge were doped and the surface of Ge-BNNC by using of the O2 molecule were activated. In second step; oxidation of SO on surface of Ge-BNNC through the Langmuir Hinshelwood (LH) and Eley Rideal (ER) mechanisms was investigated. Calculated data reveal that surface of O2-Ge-BNNC oxide the SO molecule with Ge-BNNC-O-O* + SO → Ge-BNNC-O-O*-SO → Ge-BNNC-O* + SO2 and Ge-BNNC-O* + SO → Ge-BNNC + SO2 reactions.  It can be concluded, the energy barrier of LH mechanism to oxidation of SO on Ge-BNNC is lower than ER mechanism. Finally, the Ge-BNNC is acceptable catalyst with low price and high performance to oxidation of SO in normal temperature.


Catalyst; nanostructure; metal adoption; oxidation reaction; adsorption energy

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