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Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Catalytic Oxidation Property of Oxidovanadium(V) Complexes with Hydrazone and Hydroxamate Ligands

Kui-Hua Yang


Two new hydrazone ligands were synthesized and characterized by common spectroscopic and analytical methods. Two new oxidovanadium(V) complexes with the hydrazone ligands and hydroxamate ligands were synthesized and characterized by infrared spectra and single crystal X-ray diffraction. The coordination sphere of each V atom is octahedral, which is constructed from three donor atoms of the hydrazone ligand, two donor atoms of the hydroxamate ligand, and one oxo oxygen. Both complexes showed effective catalytic oxidation property in the oxidation of cyclohexene, cyclopentene and benzyl alcohol by H2O2 as oxidant.


Hydrazone; Oxidovanadium; Crystal structure; Catalytic property

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