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Eco-Friendly Multi-Component Synthesis of γ-Spiroiminolactones in Water

Hamid Reza Safaei, Mohsen Shekouhy


γ-Spiroiminolactone derivatives can be  synthesized by means of a one-pot three-component reaction between cyclic carbonyl compounds (isatin, acenaphthoquinone, ninhydrin), activated α-methylene groups and isocyanides in water using sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) as a commercial available and very cheap surfactant compound. All products were obtained in good to excellent yields without formation of any by-products in water as a green and benign reaction medium. Moreover, presented method was successfully applied for the synthesis of some novel bis(spiroiminolactone) derivatives.


γ-spiroiminolactone; water; multi-component reaction; isocyanide; surfactant

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