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Preconcentration and determination of trace vanadium(V) in beverages by combination of ultrasound assisted-cloud point extraction with spectrophotometry

Nuket Kartal Temel, Ramazan Gürkan


A novel ultrasound assisted-cloud point extraction method was developed for preconcentration and determination of V(V) in beverage samples. After complexation by pyrogallol in presence of safranin T at pH 6.0, V(V) ions as ternary complex are extracted into the micellar phase of Triton X-114. The complex was monitored at 533 nm by spectrophotometry. The matrix effect on the recovery of V(V) from the spiked samples at 50 µg L-1 was evaluated. In optimized conditions, the limits of detection and quantification of the method, respectively, was 0.58 and 1.93 µg L-1 in linear range of 2-500 µg L-1 with sensitivity enhancement and preconcentration factors of 47.7 and 40 for preconcentration from 15 mL of sample solution. The recoveries from spiked samples were in range of 93.8-103.2% with a relative standard deviation ranging from 2.6% to 4.1% (25, 100 and 250 µg L-1, n: 5). The accuracy was verified by analysis of two certified samples, and the results were in a good agreement with the certified values. The intra-day and inter-day precision were tested by reproducibility (as 3.3-3.4%) and repeatability (as 3.4-4.1%) analysis for five replicate measurements of V(V) in quality control samples spiked with 5, 10 and 15 µg L-1. Trace V(V) contents of the selected beverage samples by the developed method were successfully determined.


Ultrasound assisted-cloud point extraction; V(V); Pyrogallol; Safranin T; Beverages; Spectrophotometry

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