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Thermochemical properties and regularities of amides, anilides, and amidic acids

Alma Kairlapovna Ryskaliyeva, Murat Ergalievich Baltabayev, Aigul Moldakhmetovna Zhubatova


The thermodynamic properties of carbamide and its alkyl substituted were studied insufficiently. In this article, the enthalpies of combustion of ΔсН of some amides, anilides and amidic acids have been determined experimentally; their standard enthalpies of formation have been calculated. Linear dependences between the average atomic enthalpy of combustion of ΔcH amides and their basicity constants in acidic aqueous solutions of pKBH+have been established; a correlation that relates the enthalpies of combustion of amides and the corresponding amidic acids has been found.


enthalpy of combustion; thermochemistry; amides; correlation analysis

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