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Recent Developments and Biological Activities of 2-Aminothiazole Derivatives

Mohamed Ezzat Khalifa


Aminothiazole nuclei and their various derivatives have been long used as precursors for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. As a typical heterocyclic amine, 2-aminothiazole is a cornerstone for the synthesis of many compounds, including sulfur drugs, biocides, fungicides, various types of dyes for synthetic fibers and chemical reaction accelerators and as intermediates in the synthesis of antibiotics, where a large number of 2-aminothiazoles have been substituted with different groups for various pharmaceutical purposes, besides their activity as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel protection as well. The synthetic utility of 2-amino-4-substituted-thiazoles, their reactions and biological activities have been surveyed and are presented in this review.


2- aminothiazoles; azo compounds; biological activities; corrosion; synthetic fibers; inhibitors

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