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Recovery of rutin from Labisia pumila extract using solid phase extraction

Lee Suan Chua, Nur Nabihah Ruzlan, Mohamad Roji Sarmidi


Reflux extraction was used to prepare crude extract from the leaves of Labisia pumila var. Alata using 60 % methanol. The crude extract was subsequently fractionated by C18 solid phase extraction to recover high yield of rutin using 20-100 % methanol. The volume of eluent to recover rutin was found to decrease with the increase of methanol concentration. The recovery of rutin was increased from 20 to 80 % methanol system, but slightly decreased in the 100 % methanol system. Approximately, 70 % of rutin could be recovered using the 80 % methanol system. This solvent system also appears to have the lowest distance (9.44 MPa1/2) for rutin as estimated by Hansen solubility. The recovered rutin rich fraction could achieve up to 3.96 mg/g of fraction which was about 4-fold increment from the crude extract. The increment was also noticed for its antioxidant capacity expressed as scavenging activity which was 2 times higher than crude extract. A portion of water (20 %) in the 80 % methanol system is important to improve the yield of rutin. Rutin is a glycosylated flavonol, and therefore a small portion of water could enhance its elution compared to the lower performance of 100 % methanol in rutin recovery. 


rutin; Labisia pumila; solid phase extraction; aqueous methanol; scavenging activity

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