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A Dansyl-Rhodamine Based Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Hg2+ and Cu2+

Enju Wang, Shizhuang Yuan, Wei Su


A novel fluorescent probe based on dansyl-appended rhodamine B was developed. The probe can selectively recognize and sense Hg2+ and Cu2+ from other common metal ions by showing unique fluorescence and absorption characteristics. In MeCN/HEPES buffer solution, the probe gives a ratiometric fluorescent response to Hg2+, which was ascribed to the fluorescence resonance energy transfer from dansyl moiety to the ring-opened rhodamine B moiety, while the presence of Cu2+ causes fluorescence quenching. Beside the fluorescence change, the presence of Cu2+ and Hg2+can induce intensive absorption at about 555 nm, which resulted in a color change from colorless to pink. 


Rhodamine; Fluorescent probe; Copper ion; Mercury ion

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