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Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and in silico studies on thymol esters

Jelena S Lazarević, Ana Kolarević, Aleksandra Đorđević, Gordana Stojanović, Andrija Šmelcerović, Pierangela Ciuffreda, Enzo Santaniello


Derivatisation of parent structure in terpenoids often results in enhancement of biological activity of newly obtained compounds. Thymol, a naturally occurring phenol biosynthesized through the terpene pathway, is a well known biocide with strong antimicrobial attributes and diverse therapeutic activities. We have aimed our study on a single modification of phenolic functionality in thymol in order to obtain a small focused library of twenty thymyl esters, ten of which were new compounds. All compounds were involved in in vitro antimicrobial testing. Another important aspect of current study was implementation of in silico calculation of physico-chemical, pharmacokinetic and toxicological properties, which could be helpful by giving an additional guidance in further research.


chemical synthesis; thymyl esters; in vitro antimicrobial activity; in silico calculation

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