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Cold Plasma and Acid Treatment Modification Effects on Phonolite

José Miguel Hidalgo Herrador, Zdeněk Tišler, Pavlína Hajková, Lenka Soukupová, Lenka Zárybnická, Karla Černá


A sample of phonolite was treated by cold plasma and hydrochloric acid diluted in water to study the change of its structure and acid properties. The phonolite and treated samples were analysed by XRD, elemental analysis XRF, specific surface area BET, TPD-NH3 and FT-IR spectroscopy. They were also tested in the adsorption of Ca, K, Mg, P and Na impurities present in waste cooking oil. Plasma treated sample presented almost the same structure with some surface differences respect to the original phonolite. However, acid treated sample presented bigger total surface compared to the other samples, different structure, composition and acid properties.


phonolite; cold plasma; acid treatment; structure modification; adsorption

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