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A natural based method for hydrophobic treatment of natural fiber material

Thomas Kick, Thomas Grethe, Boris Mahltig


A treatment for hydrophobic functionalization of natural fiber materials is developed. This hydrophobic treatment is based mainly on natural products. As hydrophobic component the natural Tung Oil is used, which is originally a compound used for wood conservation purposes. The application on textile is done in a padding process under presence of an oxidative agent. For the current investigations a fiber felt from linen was used. The hydrophobic effect is determined by the concentration of Tung Oil and the duration of a thermal drying process. The hydrophobic effect is investigated by capillary rise tests and contact angle measurements. Scanning electron microscopy SEM is used to investigate the surface topography of the fiber material and the deposited hydrophobic material. Altogether, an interesting and promising method for hydrophobisation of natural fibers is developed, which could especially be used as part of a production process of a fiber reinforced composite material, mainly based on natural products.


Tung Oil, contact angle measurements, natural fiber, fiber felt, non-woven

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