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[MII(NCS)2(nia)2(OH2)]: Preparation, Crystal Structure and Thermal Properties (MII = Mn, Fe; nia = nicotinamide)

Marta Počkaj, Nives Kitanovski, Boris Čeh, Romana Cerc-Korošec


Two novel isostructural coordination compounds of manganese(II) (1) and iron(II) (2) with common formula [MII(NCS)2(nia)2(OH2)2] have been prepared from water solution of appropriate metal salt, nicotinamide and KSCN. Their crystal structures were determined by means of X-ray diffraction on single crystals. The mononuclear title compounds crystallize in a triclinic P–1 space group with six monodentate octahedrally arranged ligands around the metal centre. The coordination molecules are self-assembled with an extended network of hydrogen bonds into a three-dimensional structure. Additionally, 1 and 2 were characterized with infrared spectroscopy, magnetic measurements and thermal analysis.


crystal structure; coordination chemistry; thiocyanate; nicotinamide; manganese(II); iron(II)

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