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About the Randić Connectivity, Modify Randić Connectivity and Sum-connectivity Indices of Titania Nanotubes TiO2(m,n)

Wei Gao, Mohammad Reza Farahani, Muhammad Imran


The Randić Connectivity Index R(G) is one of the oldest connectivity index, introduced by Randić in 1975. Another connectivity indices is the Sum-Connectivity Index X(G) introduced in 2008 by Zhou and Trinajstić. Recently in 2011, a modification of the Randić Connectivity Index of a graph G was introduced by Dvorak et al. In this paper, we compute these connectivity topological indices for a family of molecular graphs known as titania nanotubes TiO2(m,n).


Molecular graph; Titania Nanotubes TiO2(m,n); Topological indices; Sum-Connectivity Index; Modify Randić Index; Multiple Zagreb index.

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