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Development of Chemistry Pre-Service Teachers During Practical Pedagogical Training: Self-Evaluation Vs. Evaluation by School Mentors

Vesna Ferk Savec, Katarina Senta Wissiak Grm


The research presented in this article deals with the self-evaluation of 4th year pre-service chemistry teachers’ progress during their second year practical pedagogical training in chemistry teaching at primary schools (students’ age 13-15 years) in comparison to the perception of their progress by their school mentors. The sample consisted of 21 pre-service teachers and 21 school mentors, in-service chemistry teachers, at primary schools. For the purpose of following to pre-service chemistry teachers` development, the pre-service teachers as well as their mentors completed the “Questionnaire for monitoring students’ progress”, focusing on eight characteristics of professional development during practical pedagogical training. The results reveal that student-teachers were stricter in their self-evaluation in comparison to their school mentors after their first chemistry lecture at school during the practical pedagogical training; however, after their last lecture, the evaluations were similar for most of the characteristics. The development of five randomly selected student-teachers is presented in detail from their own perspectives, as well as from their school mentors’ perspectives.


chemistry teacher education; practical pedagogical training; pre-service chemistry teachers; in-service chemistry teachers; school mentors

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