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Synthesis, Characterization and DFT-Based Investigation of a Novel Trinuclear Singly-Chloro-Bridged Copper(II)-1-Vinylimidazole Complex

Zuhal Yolcu, Serkan Demir, Ömer Andaç, Orhan Büyükgüngör


A novel trinuclear copper(II) complex [Cu32-Cl)2Cl4(1-Vim)6] with monodentate 1-vinylimidazole (1-Vim) and chloro ligands has been prepared and experimentally characterized by elemental analyses, Thermogravimetry (TGA, DTG, DTA), X-ray single crystal diffractometry, TOF-MS and FT-IR spectroscopies. The electronic and structural properties of title complex were further investigated by DFT/TD-DFT methods. Density functional hybrid method (B3LYP) was applied throughout the calculations. The calculated UV-Vis results based on TD-DFT approach were simulated and compared with experimental spectrum. Based on the data obtained, DFT calculations have been found in reasonable accordance with experimental data.


1-vinylimidazole; trinuclear copper(II); singly-chloro-bridged; DFT/TD-DFT

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