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Dissolution Profile of Nimesulide from Pharmaceutical Preparations for Oral Use

Biljana Tubić, Alija Uzunović, Saša Pilipović, Žarko Gagić


Nimesulide belongs to the group of semi-selective COX-2 inhibitors, widely used in solid oral formulations. In the present work the influence of surfactants among other drug excipients, as well as particle size of the active substance and the effects of medium pH on the dissolution rate of nimesulide from solid pharmaceutical forms. For that purpose, four different preparations containing 100 mg nimesulide per tablet and available in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina (labeled here as A, B, C and D) were studied. The test for the assessment of dissolution profiles of the formulations was performed in surfactant-free dissolution medium pH 7.5. The dissolution profiles were compared by calculating difference (f1), and similarity (f2) factors. The increasing dissolution medium pH value from 7.5 to 7.75 resulted in a significant increase of nimesulide dissolution rate from the examined formulations. Also, the results showed that particle size affects to a great extent the dissolution rate and the best results were achieved with micronized nimesulide. The presence of the surfactants among the other excipients expressed a negligible effect on the dissolution profile.


nimesulide; dissolution rate; bioavailability

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