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Synthesis of Er- and Yb-doped gadolinium oxide polymorphs and influence of their structures on upconversion properties

Matjaž Mazaj, Janez Križan, Venčeslav Kaučič, Ivan Bajsić, Janez Možina


Nanocrystalline Gd2O3 products doped with Er3+ and Yb3+ cations were synthesized by combustion method. We showed that the temperature of combustion can be tuned by using different types of organic fuels within reaction mixture. The combustion process is performed at lower temperature in the presence of urea as an organic fuel leading to pure cubic Gd2O3:Er,Yb phase, on the other hand higher combustion temperature, yielding pure monoclinic Gd2O3:Er,Yb polymorph is achieved in the mixture of urea and b-alanine. Effective doping of Er3+ and Yb3+ cations within Gd2O3 were confirmed by XRD analysis. Both polymorphs show upconversion in green and red areas and possess strong dependence of fluorescence intensity ratios (I525/I549 or I525/I560 for monoclinic and cubic polymorphs, respectively) on temperature. This indicates that both phases can be applied for the temperature sensor devices based on upconversion intensity ratio changes.


upconversion; gadolinium oxide; fluorescence; Yb-doping; Er-doping

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