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In Silico Study of Plant Polyphenols' Interactions with VP24–Ebola Virus Matrix Protein

Sebastian Pleško, Helena Volk, Miha Lukšič, Črtomir Podlipnik


The Zaire Ebola viral protein VP24 selectively inhibits nuclear import of STAT1 and as such blocks interferon-induced antiviral responses vital for cell's emergency. Inhibition of VP24 with small molecule inhibitor may neutralize the threatening action of Ebola virus. We performed molecular docking of compounds from a selected small library of plant polyphenols on to VP24. Our research shows that 1,2,3,6–tetragalloyl glucose, epigallocatechin gallate, chlorogenic acic, oleuropein and miquelianin represent promising leads for further studies.


Ebola virus; VP24; KPNA5; STAT1; plant polyphenols; molecular docking

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