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Bis(1,2-dithiosquarato)nickelates(II) – Synthesis, Structure, EPR and Thermal Behavior

Peter Strauch, Mike Neumann, Alexandra Kelling, Uwe Schilde


1,2-Dithiosquaratonickelates are available by direct synthesis from metal salts with dipotassium-1,2-dithiosquarate and the appropriate counter cations. The synthesis and characterization, including mass spectrometry, of a series 1,2-dithiosquaratonickelates(II), [Ni(dtsq)2]2-,  with several „onium“ cations is reported and the X-ray structures of two diamagnetic complexes, (HexPh3N)2[Ni(dtsq)2] and (BuPh3N2[Ni(dtsq)2] with sterically demanding counter ions are presented. The diamagnetic nickel complexes have been doped as host lattices with traces of Cu(II) to measure EPR for additional structural information. The thermal behavior of this series is studied by thermogravimetry and differential thermo analysis (TG/DTA). The thermolysis in air as well as under nitrogen atmosphere of these complexes results in nickel oxide nano-particles in all cases, which are characterized by X-ray powder diffraction.


1,2-dithiosquarate; 1,2-dithiosquaratonickelate; X-ray structure; TG/DTA; nickel oxide; EPR spectroscopy

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